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Can Dialysis Affect My Appetite

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-13 16:41

Can Dialysis Affect My AppetiteDialysis takes over part of your kidney function to filter the wastes and toxins from your body, but both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis have side effects. For example, dialysis may make you feel tired and suffer from low blood pressure. Can dialysis affect your appetite? Actually poor appetite is a common symptom of dialysis.

What causes poor appetite for dialysis patients?

There are many reasons for you to have a poor appetite.

-Low blood pressure, infection, allergic reaction and dialysis disequilibrium often occur among dialysis patients. They may make you feel nausea so as to affect your appetite.

-Anemia and the frequent dialysis may make you feel very tired and decrease your appetite.

-Dialysis sometimes can not filter the wastes and toxins from your blood thoroughly so that wastes and toxins build up in your body, which also make you have poor appetite.

-Some medications and drugs may reduce your appetite as well.

How to improve appetite?

-Many dialysis patients think they can not do exercise, because exercise will worsen their fatigue. In fact, this idea is wrong. Regular exercise not only improves fatigue, but also promotes poor appetite.

-Eating with family and friends or cooking your favourite foods may also help to encourage eating.

-Keeping a good mind is also helpful.

-If caused by medicine, you may have to change your dosage or switch your prescription under the instruction of your doctor.

-Talk with your doctor and find the causes so as to take corresponding measures.

Though dialysis takes over part of your kidney function to filter the wastes and toxins from your blood, it causes many side effects. Poor appetite is just of of them. Is there any way to help you get rid of dialysis? If you could improve kidney function, it is mostly likely for you to say goodbye to dialysis. And then you won’t have to suffer from these symptoms.


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