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Can Dialysis Cause Darkened Skin

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-10 13:39

Can Dialysis Cause Darkened SkinAlthough not all dialysis patients experience darkened skin, quite a number of patients do have this complaint. Can dialysis cause darkened skin directly? Or, this skin change is due to other problems?

As we all know, within our skin, there is one kind of pigment called urochrome. Normally, healthy kidneys are responsible for excreting it from the body, so our skin is kept with normal color. However, when kidneys are damaged by harmful substances, they are unable to filter out this pigment. As more and more urochrome deposits in the body, patients’ skin will become darker and darker.

Dialysis is one kidney replacement therapy that can help impaired kidneys to remove a part of waste products. However, for urochrome, dialysis can do nothing. Since this artificial kidney fails to work, some other managements should be given. Hopefully, the following methods can be helpful for you.

- Medicated Bath: Put you in the bath filled with herbal medicines, so effective ingredients of these medicines can permeate into the body via skin. This remedy is able to improve patients’ immunity, blood circulation and skin’s ability to sweat. Therefore, it can help prevent urochrome from retaining in certain region.

- Circle Therapy: This is one natural remedy that is able to prompt the excretion of toxins including urochrome with correct medicines. Because it is one external application therapy, patients don’t need to be worried about its side effects.

- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: Different from the above treatments, this therapy aims at repairing damaged kidney cells and improving kidney function. Therefore, it may not only help patients treat darkened skin radically but also make them reduce the frequency of dialysis or even stop it.

I believe you can get obvious improvements from the above treatment options, with doctors’ guidance. If anything unclear, welcome to contact us.


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