Can Dialysis Cause High Blood Pressure

2014-02-06 17:06

Can Dialysis Cause High Blood PressureWhen your kidneys cease to work, dialysis is needed to take the place of them and help filtration of the wastes and toxins. But it has many side effects, such as low blood press, itch skin and other dialysis syndrome. Can dialysis cause high blood pressure?

Causes and treatment of high blood pressure for dialysis patients

Under normal circumstances, blood pressure increases between the dialysis sessions due to the retention of fluid. And after dialysis, blood pressure becomes low when the fluid is taken away.

Medicines play an important role in controlling high blood pressure in dialysis patients. Diuretics are often used to increase urine output and prevent fluid overload. And drugs knowns as ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers are effective at controlling blood pressure as well. Besides, reasonable diet such as low sodium diet, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle are also helpful in lowering blood pressure.

Ways to get rid of dialysis

For most patients, when their kidneys fail, the first two choices are dialysis and kidney transplant. Though they can take over your damaged kidneys, they bring a series of other problems. If you would like to get rid of dialysis and kidney transplant, you may take other therapies into consideration.

Polluted Blood Therapy is often recommended in the end stage kidney failure. It combines both Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies and western medicine therapies. The polluted blood will become purified after treatment and the damaged kidney will gradually be repaired in such a clean environment. As long as kidney function improves, it can keep the blood pressure in a healthy range.

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