How To Treat Shrunk Kidney In Creatinine 5.7 Without Dialysis

2018-03-30 15:01

treat shrunk kidney,creatinine 5.7 without Dialysis,creatinine 5.7"The size of the kidney can be reduced? "This question is our email: Some people are born with Kidney Most Small, but some are induced by the disease. However, no matter what happens to the advanced stage of the disease, the doctor will recommend the patient to take Dialysis. You know, the Dialysis will bring many Side Effects, many patients want to avoid.

Why induces contraction of Kidney?

Long-term Kidney Disease damage renal tissues, especially the glomeruli of kidney, Inducing contraction. So when people fall in renal failure, especially renal failure and uremia, the level of Serum creatinine and urea nitrogen were increased, then the kidney is damaged seriously, therefore to induce the contraction of the Kidney. In addition renalis Phthisis, renal artery stenosis and Congenital renal dysplasia may also cause renal shrinkage.

How to treat the kidney Shrunk without Dialysis?

When the kidney shrinks, should take immediate measures to prevent the disease gets worse. As we all know, after the kidney shrinks, it is difficult to reverse, but with the help of a proper treatment, renal function can be improved. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of effective Therapies, it is the only Therapy of Beijing tongshantang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, with the help of it, creatinine 5.7 can be reduce naturally with improved kidney functions, and People gradually can come back to normal life.

The sizes of normal kidneys should be 10 ~ 12 cm long, 5 ~ 7 cm wide, 3 ~ 5 cm thick. So if your Kidney is lower than the normal level, attention should be paid to it, which may indicate that their kidneys are damaged in some way.

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