Is It Possible to Stop Dialysis With Alternative Treatments

2018-02-25 15:18

stop dialysisIn our mind, Dialysis should be taken for the rest of Life Once you start. There is no remedy to help stop the dialysis. Is it true? It is true in Western countries, while it is not true in China. In China, Beijing tongshantang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine can help patients get rid of dialysis. If you want to know more about our hospital that you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR.

The base to stop Dialysis is a renal function improved. When improving your Kidney function, your kidneys can work for themselves and then it can stop the dialysis. So, how to improve the renal function?

Our Hospital creates a systematic Treatment of Chinese Medicine which includes various Therapies. The patients were given a different Therapy. Here are some examples:

1. Full Bath Therapy

Hot water can stimulate the skin, collateral and Meridian acupuncture points to achieve the purpose of treating disease and Health Care. It's more convenient and efficient than the oral Chinese medicine soup. In addition, the Medicated bath has no side effects and is regarded as "Green therapy" in the Medical Field.

2. Acupuncture

Through the stimulation of acupuncture points, Acupuncture can increase the blood circulation in renal effectively, eliminate toxins from the kidneys get rid of inflammatory Mediator, remove immune complexes, our intrinsic Kidney cells.

3. Enema Therapy

Use colon to detoxify your body. Its principle is to make full use of the potential role of the intestinal mucosa and Chinese medicines in this Therapy can regulate the balance of liquid electrolyte, stabilize internal Environment, improve the rate of Elimination of toxins to achieve the purpose of treating renal failure and uremia.

4. Hot Compress Therapy

The Chinese Medicines are carefully selected. It is a Therapy that uses superheated Steam to fumigate the skin of patients. Its aim is to accelerate the extraction of blood and toxins so that the level of Serum creatinine, urea nitrogen level and other Toxic levels Naturally decline.

The above are only some of the therapies in our hospital. Usually combine to improve renal function. When Improving the renal function, it is possible to stop dialysis. However, they are only available in China for the Foreign patients must travel to China for treatment.

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