Dialysis 2 or 3 Times A Week Can Be Avoided With Chinese Herbal Formula

2018-02-13 15:47

Avoided Dialysis ,Dialysis 2 or 3 times ,Chinese herbal formulaPatients are in low Kidney Function in Kidney Failure Stage 4, lots of toxins and excess waste can not be eliminated out by damaged kidney. So dialysis will recommended to replace the kidney, which can help eliminate excess fluid and waste products from the Blood, it can control the illness conditions in a short time. However, due to various side effects increased with dialysis going on, all dialysis want to stop dialysis for a high quality life. Well, Kidney Dialysis 2 or 3 times a week can be avoided with chinese herbal formula? Following article to get the answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR in free.

The Condition can get rid of Dialysis?

Although you are in dialysis for a long time, you have urine. Urine indicates that still a certain amount of blood flow to the Kidney. In this condition, the chinese herbal medicines can enter damaged kidney directly with blood flowing, so they will play the effects to treat your kidneys.

What treatments are used in our hospital to avoid dialysis?

In our hospital, we create a systematic Treatment of Chinese medicine for Kidney Disease. Includes:

1. Toxin-Removing Treatment

Toxin-Removing Treatment in our Hospital is one of the effective treatments to purify the blood. Various of chinese herbal medicines are used in the treatments to clear away toxins, excess wastes, immune complexes completely. After several times treatments, patients will have a obvious changing in body, such as increased urine output, sweat a lot, have a good rest, complications disappear, etc.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external application with two medicated bags fulfilling with chinese herbal medicines. Chinese herbal medicines are used in the treatments that depends on your illness conditions. So which is accurate to your illness conditions, it has good effects on expending blood vessels, improving blood circulation, promoting the metabolism, supplying enough nutrients and oxygen to diseased cells and tissues for improving kidney function and rebuilding kidney structures.

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