Can Kidney Failure Patients with 17% Kidney Function Avoid Dialysis in China

2017-04-10 10:48

Can Kidney Failure Patients with 17% Kidney Function Avoid Dialysis in ChinaCan Kidney Failure patients with 17% kidney function avoid Kidney Dialysis in China? In western countries, Dialysis is the most common choice for patients. But not all patients want to take it, so they find alternative of Dialysis in other countries.

To be honest, dialysis is common used although the patients have serious reasons of kidney disease. But in China, our hospital, we do not recommend patients to take dialysis as long as there are other choices for them.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments are widely used nowadays for Kidney Disease.Through years of clinical experience, our renal experts have created a series of Chinesetreatments which the general term is Toxin-Removing Therapy to repair kidney damage and improve renal function from its origin. More than 140 countries patients have takentreatments in our hospital.

How to help kidney failure patients with 17% kidney function avoid dialysis?

Among the systemic toxin-removing treatment, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is widely applied and has been proven to be effective by foreign patients. It is comfortable with little side effects. Thus more and more patients come to here for treatment.

Compared with the traditional treatment, it is an external application therapy. With the help of osmotic device, the active materials of Chinese medicines permeate into the patients’damaged kidney directly and stimulate damaged kidney cells to restore. These medicines can filter the toxins and wastes in the blood, dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation,anti-inflammation and anti-coagulation as well as provide nutrients and oxygen to kidneys.

As long as the kidney function is improved, the symptoms of kidney failure can be relieved or controlled well. In this case, patients have chance to avoid dialysis.

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