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Will Dialysis Cause Weight Loss

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-02-03 15:10

Will Dialysis Cause Weight LossGenerally, both CKD and the End Stage Renal Disease (ESRDcan cause weight loss. What is worse, it is dangerous if patients lose weight when they are on Kidney Dialysis. We should know its reason and solve the problem from the root.

As a matter of fact, dialysis as artificial kidney can help damaged kidney remove toxic substances and excess wastes in blood out of the body. It does play effects for patients. However, long-term dialysis will cause so many side effects for patients, such as weight loss.

How does dialysis cause weight loss?

One is Dehydration. Dialysis will remove too much fluid in blood so that cause dehydration. Another is malnutrition. Kidney Disease patients usually feel poor appetite even facing their favorite foods. Therefore, some necessary nutrients in foods can not be absorbed causing malnutrition. Patients will become weak and weight loss occurs.

How to manage weight loss on dialysis?

The proper option is to repair damaged kidney and improve renal function so that reduce the dialysis frequency. In shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is suggested. Compared with traditional treatments, it is an external application therapy based on Tradition Chinese Medicine. Patients just need lie on the bed during the treatment process without pain or other discomfort. “It’s just like having a sleep comfortably,” the patients said.

The active ingredients of medicine can be permeated into kidney directly. Through a period of time, kidney function can be improved gradually. It has greatly chance of reducing dialysis frequency or getting off dialysis. At that time, weight loss may not occur.

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