What Can I Do to Eliminate Fatigue and Weakness after Dialysis

2013-12-21 16:07

What Can I do to Eliminate Fatigue and Weakness after DialysisAfter dialysis, many people complain about fatigue and weakness, which greatly influence their life quality. How to eliminate the tired feeling after dialysis? Here is some corresponding information. Hope it can help you.

What causes fatigue and weakness for people with dialysis?

Let’s see what causes fatigue and weakness firstly. This can help us put forward countermeasures.

-Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is caused by too much fluid taken away from your body.

-Improper diet

Because your kidneys can not remove metabolism wastes of diet, they will accumulate between the dialysis sessions

-Below dry weight

Improper dialysis may result in below dry weight.

-Other reasons

Anemia, dialysis inadequacy, hyperparathyroidism, coexisting chronic illnesses, sleep disorders, depression and side effects of medications, etc.

Ways to eliminate fatigue and weakness

-Adhere to your fluid restriction.

-Follow the healthy diet plan made by your dietitian.

-Take your medication as prescribed.

-Do regular exercise within the admissible range. This will help you feel better over time.

-The fundamental way to eliminate fatigue and weakness is to get rid of dialysis. Dialysis is not the only way to help cleanse your blood. You can take some measures without side effects, such as cycle therapy, hot compress, full bath, enema with Chinese medicine, taking Chinese medicine orally, etc. They can make your body harmonious and balanced. As a result, you can live like a normal person.

At last, dialysis can also lead to other poor feelings, such as nausea, skin itch, and poor appetite. It is recommended to discuss your poor feelings with your doctor, so he or she can assist you in improving your treatment experience. If you believe in us, you can email your medical test report to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com. Our doctors can also give you a hand.

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