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Should Patient With Creatinine 8.9 Go For Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-19 09:14

Should Patient With Creatinine 8.9 Go For DialysisCreatinine 8.9 is more likely to indicate end stage kidney failure. As kidneys can’t filter out waste products and toxins properly, a series of complications may appear. To maintain patients’ life and ease their complications, doctors may order them to do dialysis or kidney transplant. Should patient with creatinine 8.9 go for dialysis?

What can dialysis do for kidney patients?

Using the principle of a semipermeable membrane, kidney dialysis mainly replaces damaged kidneys to eliminate excess metabolic wastes and electrolytes from the body, for cleansing blood, and regulating the balance of fluid and electrolyte. This is why most dialysis patients find their creatinine level comes down, swelling is alleviated and some other improvements appear.

Why do so many patients refuse dialysis?

Dialysis isn’t a easy treatment even for fittest patients, because it can cause some side effects and complications and some of these complications may be life-threatening. Additionally, dialysis isn’t a treatment that can help improve kidney function, and the longer patients on dialysis, the less their urine output.

Is dialysis a must for patient with creatinine 8.9?

If you are faced with this problem, the answer may change along with your illness condition. Besides high creatinine level 8.9, if you still suffer from some serious complications, such as hyperkalemia and acidosis, you had better begin dialysis earlier. This is because dialysis can help ease these complications and lower creatinine level. Once your blood is purified, you can use some medications to repair damaged kidney cells.

However, if high creatinine level is your only concern, dialysis can be avoided completely. Stem Cell Therapy can help rebuild kidney structure, increase your urine output and improve kidney function obviously. Once kidneys can recover to work, high creatinine level 8.9 will come down spontaneously.

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