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How Dialysis Affect the PKD patients with High Creatinine

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-10-25 10:38

How dialysis Affect the PKD patients with high creatinine?The Dialysis is always be used to deal with various kinds of the kidney disease, including of the PKD. While the PKD patients with high creatinine who choose the dialysis fell so disappointed. Because the dialysis bring them so many side effects which are more painful than the high creatinine.

Some physical side effects of dialysis

1. Low blood pressure is the most common side effect of dialysis. During the dialysis, some fresh blood will flow away with the toxic substance. so the PKD patients will appear low blood pressure.

2. Nausea and vomiting are associated with kidney disease in general, but low blood pressure and excess fluid weight gain are also common causes.

3. Dry or itchy skin is experienced by many patients undergoing dialysis, especially in the winter. The most common reason for itchy skin is high phosphorus, so it's important to follow your diet plan and take your phosphate binders regularly as prescribed.

4. Restless leg syndrome is another common side effect that causes patients to keep moving their legs as a result of the leg nerves and muscles creating a crawly or prickly sensation.

5. Muscle cramping causes extreme discomfort to many patients. The cause of this side effect is lacking of the calcium.

How to avoid the side effects of dialysis for PKD patients with high creatinine

The fundamental way to avoid the side effects of the dialysis is avoiding the dialysis. The Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in our hospital is a specially treatment which is used to avoid the dialysis. In view of the cysts for the PKD, the micro Chinese medical powders can be sent to the internal kidney and reach to the cysts. So most of the toxic fluid of the cysts will be absorbed by the Chinese medicine, the cysts will become small and small. As a result, there will be more space for the normal kidney cells and tissues.

The Micro-chinese medicine osmotherapy has helped so many PKD patients get rid of the dialysis. If you also want to try, you can tell our ONLINE DOCTOR, or send emails to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com , or add my viber/whatsapp +86 13503211882.


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