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How to Treat Diarrhea for Dialysis Patients?

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-07-05 16:46

How to Treat Diarrhea for Dialysis PatientsThere are some dialysis patients have diarrhea. How to alleviate it? If you have any questions please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR directly for free.

The most common cause is an infection of the intestines due to either a virus, bacteria, or parasite; a condition known as gastroenteritis. These infections are often acquired from food or water that has been contaminated by stool, or directly from another person who is infected. It may be divided into three types: short duration watery diarrhea, short duration bloody diarrhea, and if it lasts for more than two weeks, persistent diarrhea. The short duration watery diarrhea may be due to an infection by cholera.

Prevention of infectious diarrhea is by improved sanitation, clean drinking water, and hand washing with soap. Breastfeeding for at least six months is also recommended as is vaccination against rotavirus. Oral rehydration solution (ORS), which is clean water with modest amounts of salts and sugar, is the treatment of choice. When people have diarrhea it is recommended that they continue to eat healthy food and babies continue to be breastfeed.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy  is good at reducing the renal burden and improving the renal function. It includes hematodialysis and some other ways. Blood purification likes a conditioner that it can regulate and control illness. Many patients suffered from illness that excess water and metabolic accumulate in blood, which leading to some complications seriously and influencing patients’ life quality.

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