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Is Peritoneal Dialysis Good for CKD Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-13 16:50

Is peritoneal dialysis Good for CKD Patients"My wife is doing peritoneal Dialysis. Her Creatinine level is increased to 8.24 recently. How to reduce. Please give me suggestion. " there are some emails like it. Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details about this or other useful information quickly and directly.

It is to use the body's own peritoneum as a dialysis membrane dialysis. It poured through the plasma component and peritoneal dialysate on the other side of the capillaries within the abdominal cavity to exchange solutes and water, remove the body retention of metabolites and excess water, through the dialysate supplement the body the necessary material. By updating dialysate constantly, so as to reach renal replacement therapy or support purposes.

Chronic persistent or recurrent abdominal infection or tumor cause widespread peritoneal metastases in patients with extensive peritoneal fibrosis, adhesions paroxysmal; difficult to repair hernia surgery; severe skin disease, abdominal widespread infection or abdominal burns no suitable site into the peritoneal dialysis catheter , omphalocele, gastroschisis, bladder exstrophy and other difficult to correct mechanical problems; severe peritoneal defect; patients with mental disorder nor suitable assistant.

The human body needs to maintain a balance of water and salt, the kidneys maintain the water-salt balance is the most important organ. Patients with chronic renal insufficiency, ability kidneys regulate salt and water balance fall too much or too little water will make people feel uncomfortable, in particular, will directly increase the burden on the heart, even life-threatening. Therefore, to maintain the balance of water and salt in the peritoneal dialysis is very important.

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