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How to Treat Peritonitis in Peritoneal Dialysis with Effective Treatment?

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-05-15 16:27

How Long Survived for CKD 3 Stage Patients?How to treat with peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis with effective treatment? can be usually seen in peritoneal dialysis patients, in the following content, we will mainly talk about how to prevent peritonitis for patients who are on peritoneal dialysis and what should they do once it happens. If you have any question please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR. We will give professional guidance as soon as possible.

How to prevent peritonitis happening in peritoneal dialysis? If the infectious factors can be avoided effectively, the occurrence of peritonitis can be prevented. The prevention measures include: Strictly follow procedure to change the fluids; Avoid adding the medicines into the dialyzate as much as possible, if necessary, it should be done under aseptic condition; Pay attention to the care and cleaning in catheter exit. Once peritonitis happens, if it can be dealt with timely, the illness condition can be controlled and the sufferings can be relieved, the most important aspect is to prevent peritoneal adhesion, pachynsis and loss in kidney function.

Of course, there are some disadvantages in peritoneal dialysis. you can take our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is good for patients. The experts believe that dialysis is likely to be stopped as long as the kidney function can be increased to a certain level.

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