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What Causes Itching When You are On Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-07 10:12

What Causes Itching When You are On DialysisSkin itching is an annoying change in skin for dialysis patients. If you also have this symptom, learning what causes itching when you are on dialysis, and what can be done, is able to help keep your skin as healthy as possible.

The main cause of skin itching is the build up of phosphorus in the blood. Event though dialysis can replace diseased kidneys to clear waste products and toxins from the body, it doesn’t efficiently remove phosphorus especially hemodialysis. When extra phosphorus settles in the blood, it is more likely to bind with calcium to form itchy crystals in the skin, thus leading to skin itching.

Additionally, not enough dialysis, high PTH level, allergic reactions to the dialyzer and the build up of uremic toxins may be other reasons for itching for dialysis patients.

Since the causes are so different from person to person, you should detect what causes your problem before taking any method. If you haven’t determined, you can consult the online doctor who is specialized on treating patients on dialysis.

After finding out the underlying cause, some methods which are able to lessen your skin problem should be taken. Here are the some remedies worth to be done for managing your itching.

Reduce the intake of phosphorus. Nearly all of phosphorus in our body comes from food we eat, so a kidney-friendly recipes for dialysis patients require low-phosphorus diet. Animal giblets, seafood and dairy products should be avoided or at least limited.

Take phosphorus binders. It can help reduce the phosphorus level in the blood, but remember to choose it with doctor’s help.

Tell the nurse or doctor timely: If your skin itching is due to allergic reaction, tell your nurse or doctor so changes can be done timely.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Some herbal medicines can help improve blood circulation and increase kidney filtration rate, so you can take them to maintain your phosphorus level at 5.5 or less.


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