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If You Start Kidney Dialysis Can You Stop Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-01 11:45

If You Start Kidney Dialysis Can You Stop DialysisDialysis is one life-sustaining therapy for quite a number of kidney failure patients. However, for different reasons, some of them express they hate going for dialysis treatment at the clinic. In this condition, they wonder if they start kidney dialysis, whether they can stop it.

Now, let us firstly understand the effects of dialysis together.

Through the dispersion or convection, dialyzer exchanges substances with patients’ blood. On one hand, metabolic wastes, extra fluid and toxins are removed from the body. On the other hand, dialyzate can supplement some nutritions for the blood. When kidneys can’t do its work efficiently, doctors may order dialysis treatment.

If you start kidney dialysis can you stop dialysis?

Generally speaking, only if your kidney function level increases to 15% and maintains stable, can you get rid of dialysis safely. Otherwise, death may come in the near future. It is reported that dialysis patients only can live for several days to several months after stopping dialysis without alternative treatments to dialysis.

Is death the only choice for renal patients if stopping dialysis?

Fortunately, the answer is no. If the patient still has urine or kidney function, it is still possible to reverse part of kidney damage. To achieve this goal, the treatment should have four basic effects.

1. Manage the underlying causes: Since kidney failure can be caused by many conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, PKD, IgA Nephropathy, etc, the first step of the treatment is to control the underlying cause.

2. Improve patients’ overall health condition: In addition to kidney failure, many other complications such as cardiovascular disease and acidosis are also life-threatening, so this step is very necessary to prolong kidney patients’ life span.

3. Increase the blood flow to kidneys: In most cases, the necrosis of kidney cells are due to poor blood flow within kidneys. To supplement enough blood and oxygen, the blood flow should increase.

4. Boost the self-curative ability of damaged kidney cells: In our body, every cell has certain self-curative ability. Here, what we need to do is to boost this ability, so the damaged but not necrotic cells can recover gradually.

The detailed treatment should depend on patients’ medical condition. If you want to get personalized advice, you can contact our online doctor or leave a message below.


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