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Is It Normal to Suffer from Diarrhea after Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-12-18 15:44

Is It Normal to Suffer from Diarrhea after DialysisI have just started dialysis and have had diarrhea every day since. Is this normal? I also have Type 1 diabetes with high blood pressure. I am very tired all the time. No energy. Is it OK for me to keep using dialysis to relieve my Diabetic Nephropathy? Or are there any other treatments?

As an imperfect treatment, dialysis replaces several kidney functions to remove waste and excess water from the blood, relieving the patient’s disease condition to some extent. However, it does not correct the compromised endocrine functions of the kidney. Actually, in medicine, dialysis is regarded as a "holding measure" until a renal transplant can be performed, or sometimes as the only supportive measure in those for whom a transplant would be inappropriate.

So there are many serious side affects that may occur in or after dialysis, effecting and damaging patient’s remaining healthy. Just like diarrhea.

For Diabetic Nephropathy patients, impaired kidneys can not keep the whole systems in balance, disturbing the intestinal balance and leading to a series of digestive disorders including diarrhea. Besides, in order to prevent the infections, the use of antibiotics is common, which may wipe out the “good” bacteria in your intestine and cause diarrhea. Meanwhile, diarrhea may be a side effect of some medicines.

In addition, especially for Diabetic Nephropathy patients, slow movement of food through the intestine will cause the bacteria to grow, causing diarrhea.

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