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How to Control the Water Intake During Kidney Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-10-14 16:09

How to Control the Water Intake During Kidney Dialysis For Kidney Failure patients,the intake of water needs to be controlled strictly. For most of patients,water is another poison for them. Too much intake of water will cause Heart Failure,high blood pressure,acute pulmonary edema even death. Besides,if patients take ultrafiltration treatment,they will also suffer from hypotension,emesis,cramp or weakness. So limiting the intake of water is necessary for Kidney Failure to follow. So how much water can patients who are in dialysis take? Are there any other thing need more attention? Free Online Doctor can help you learn more detailed information about this disease or your own health directly and quickly.

How much water should patients drink during their dialysis?

In general,water intake would be the the urine volume yesterday adding 500ml. Besides,paying attention to the water content of rice,noodle,steamed bun,rice flour,congee,soup,vegetables and fruits,and so on. What’s more,it s good for Kidney Failure patients who have anuria or oliguria to keep away from congee and soup.

In addition,eating less salt is also necessary for patients to control the water intake. And there are also some tips that may can relieve your thirsty. Like,keep a small piece of ice in the mouth,chew mint or rinse the mouth with tea,and so on.

For Kidney Failure patients,taking better timely effective treatments is the most important for them. In this case,conservative therapy may be more suitable for your disease condition. Innovative TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is recommended to delay and remedy your renal lesions.

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