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Creatinine 7.3 Means What for Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-08-06 17:49

Creatinine 7.3 Means What for Patients with Diabetic NephropathyCreatinine 7.3 means what for patients with Diabetes and Kidney Disease ? Before you get the answer for this question, you need to know clear the relationship between high creatinine level and the disease. Next let us have a look together.

It is known that long-term Diabetes without good control will fall into Diabetic Nephropathy, it is hard to get reverse. With the proper treatment methods, patients in the early stage may get a chance to get recovery from it.

Creatinine is a symptom caused by Kidney Disease, it is a kind of wasts produced by muscle, under normal circumstances they should be filtered through our kidneys and then discharged out by urine. After kidney damaged the GFR(glomerular filtration function) will decreases, these wastes can not be excreted out timely, then these toxins will stay in the blood and build up, presenting as high serum creatinine level. So after your creatinine level up to 7.3 it is higher than the normal level 1.3, that means your kidneys have been damaged seriously. Without good control, it may developed into End Stage Renal Disease also known as Uremia which is a life threatening disease. So in order to avoid this disease, patient should cure this disease earlier, the earlier the better.

Besides a systemic and proper treatment, a fit diet and a healthy living habit are also very important in curing Diabetic Nephropathy with high creatinine level. If you are the patients who are in this situation and want to know more about the treatment methods of this disease or need any help in making the diet plan or forming living habit, you can consult our online doctor.

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