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Treatment to DN&16% Renal Function Creatinine7.8 without Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-26 13:39

Treatment to DN&16% Renal Function Creatinine7.8 without DialysisDialysis is one of the replace therapies that can instead of the part of renal function to eliminate the metabolic waste,keep the balance of electrolyte and acid-base and meanwhile,clean up the too much water in body in kidney failure.

16% kidney function creatinine 7.8 means that the renal function only 16% left and the creatinine is much higher than normal range.In this case,DN is in stage 4.But in fact,the patients condition may be worse.The long-term renal lesions cause the damage on multisystem and multiple organs.When disease deteriorates further,patients may suffer from ESRD.The severe renal failure may lead to metabolic waste,toxin and too much water can not be eliminated out of body and accumulate in blood.

So in some special cases,dialysis is necessary to control the acute condition and relieve the patients pain although it has too much side effects.However,is there other any effective,little side effects treatments to control the patients condition,relieve the pain or prolong life-span?

In our hospital,we offer several significant therapies of Chinese medicine to some patients who really do need help.What’s more,if you want to get more information,please ask live doctor or send email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com for free help.

Hot Compress Therapy is a more effective way to remedy DN stage 4 than just using the dialysis to control the disease process.Hot Compress Therapy can prevent the renal from continuous damage timely and efficiently,eliminate the toxin and other metabolic waste to lighten the renal pressure and relieve pain of patients.

Besides,Blood Pollution Theory and Immunotherapy are worth to be taken to slove the problem.They use the TCM-WM therapy to remedy the DN stage 4 more efficiently.Meanwhile,they can reduce the side affects of dialysis and improve the quality of life for patients with DN.

Different patients have their different condition of disease.So if you are eager to get better treatment,just contact us and we will offer free guidance for you.


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