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Is Peritoneal Dialysis Good Choice for Diabetic Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-28 16:11

Is Peritoneal Dialysis Good Choice for Diabetic PatientsDiabetes is the leading cause of end stage kidney failure. Due to kidney function decline, your kidney can not work properly to filter the wastes and toxins from the body, which may cause many symptoms, such as uremia. And then you may have to do dialysis. There are two kinds of dialysis, that is, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Is peritoneal dialysis good choice for diabetic patients?

Why is peritoneal dialysis good?
Compared to hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis may allow a person to more easily travel, keep a job, raise a family or go to school. Besides, peritoneal dialysis can be done at home rather than in a clinic, which can give you more freedom and independence. People with diabetes can do very well on peritoneal dialysis. But one of the ingredients in dialysate is glucose, so you have to pay attention to your sugar level, in case that it is too high. Raising the dosage of diabetic medicines can help control the sugar level. And sugar levels are more easily managed if you can avoid using PD fluid that has the highest levels of glucose. In some case, a non-glucose based dialysis solution called icodextrin can be used, which may help prevent the rise of sugar levels, but can only be used for the dialysis long dwell. Controlling the diet also makes a difference.

However, not all diabetic patients are suitable for peritoneal dialysis, for example, patients with vision problems, severe eating problems or previous multiple abdominal operations.

Alternative treatment to peritoneal dialysis

Though dialysis can take over part of your kidney function to filter the wastes and toxins, it can not balance the electrolyte in the body and secrete certain hormones. Over time it has side effects, such as skin itch and cramps. What is worse, your remaining kidney function will thoroughly lose. In fact, dialysis is not the only way to treat kidney failure. There are alternative treatments.

Polluted Blood Therapy is a treatment to improve kidney function. This therapy aims at recovering the polluted blood. The accumulation of wastes and toxins pollutes the blood, and the polluted blood will further damage the kidney. If the blood circulation returns to normal and there is enough nutrition and oxygen transported to the kidney, the damage kidney will gradually regain its ability. When your kidney function is improved to a certain extent, you can get rid of dialysis. The sooner you receive this treatment, the more possible you live a normal a life. For more information, you can leave a message or send email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com.


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