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How to Give Diabetic Nephropathy Patients A Systemic Treatment

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-05-02 14:05

How to Give Diabetic Nephropathy Patients A Systemic TreatmentHow to give Diabetic Nephropathy patients a systemic treatment? Diabetic nephropathy in today's society is a high incidence of kidney disease. It is the cause by poor long-term control of diabetes. This phenomenon with the improvement of people's living standards continued to deteriorate. That is because the high-calorie food is the main cause of diabetes. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

How to deal with this question?

For this kind of problem that the best way is to control diabetes with the purpose of preventing it damage kidney and causing Diabetic Nephropathy-- which is the complication of diabetes.

Traditional treatment for diabetes and kidney damage are only focus on on point, alleviate all kinds of symptoms instead of find out the real reason about it. So that curative effects are not really good.

For diabetic nephropathy that the combination of Chinese and Western medicine are the best way. Dialysis and oral western medicine can be assistant for the treatment. Chinese medicine is able to treat for it effectively.

Why Chinese medicine can treat diabetic nephropathy effectively?

Chinese medicine is able to work for blood vessels with the functions of dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and blood stasis, cleaning wastes in blood. Thus will help kidney solve the problem for root.

What kind of Chinese medicine Treatment can give a systemic treatment for patients?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy can be matched with Oral Chinese medicine and with the assistant of dialysis or western medicine, that can give diabetic nephropahty a systemic treatment. Not only work on blood, but also able to improve kidney function and repair kidney damage at the same time. Thus will prevent the kidney has a further damage.

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