What Treatments Are Suitable for The Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy

2016-04-12 14:34

What Treatments Are Suitable for The Patients with Diabetic NephropathyWhat treatments are suitable for the patients with Diabetic Nephropathy? Diabetic nephropathy (diabetic nephropathy, DN) is a serious and dangerous chronic complications of diabetes, glomerulosclerosis caused by diabetes microvascular disease, that is the characteristic of this kind of disease. DN is also the major cause of death in patients with IDDM. If you need more information, please call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

What Are The Common Suitable Treatments?

Treatment of diabetic nephropahty should be a comprehensive treatment, emphasizing prevention and early treatment. In the treatment of diabetes, it is necessary to consider the prevention of diabetic nephropahty.

1.Control blood sugar, diabetic nephropathy affected by many factors, high blood sugar is extremely important factor.

2.Diabetic nephropathy diet therapy: diet therapy of diabetic nephropathy has its particularity, totally calorie intake should be determined based on patients’ height, weight and activity level. Nutritional composition, need to pay particular attention to protein intake.

3.Control high blood pressure, high blood pressure is the main factor which lead to the kidney function damage, but it is controllable factor.

What Are The Suitable Treatment?

Consider about all the causes of diabetic nephropathy that patients choose suitable treatments for it is really necessary. In order to help patients to get rid of the side effects of dialysis and western medicine there are some treatments which are suitable for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy:

Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy is refers to the most effective treatment which belongs to Chinese medicine therapy.

Foot Bath Therapy is also the Chinese medicine therapy which can stimulate the points in foot to promote the blood circulation.

Stem Cell Therapy is a brand new treatment which will help patients have no oral medicine to treat all kinds of kidney disease.

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