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How to Lower Creatinine Level 5 Without Dialysis for Diabetic Nephropathy

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-01-16 14:55

How to Lower Creatinine Level 5 Without Dialysis for Diabetic Nephropathy“Dear, doctor. My father is a diabetic patients, and hiscreatinine level is 5 mg/dl now. he doesn’t have protein or blood urine, but has small amount of swelling in ankles. He dones’t want to start Dialysis, so he wants to know whether there is anything medically that can be done to lower my creatinine level. ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details quickly and directly for free.

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What’s meaning of creatinine level 5 mean?

Creatinine is the metabolite of muscles activity and the meat we eat in body, and creatinine is mainly excreted by kidneys. When the kidneys are slightly damaged, the creatinine can filter out normally. And the normal creatinine level is 0.7-1.3 mg/dl, when the creatinine level is higher than this level, which means the kidney function has been damaged severely, and the kidney function is less than 50%.

When do patients need to have dialysis?

Creatinine is often as a sign for kidney failure patients to have their dialysis, generally, when the creatinine level is upper to 5, they are often recommended to have dialysis. But for diabetic patients, they are often recommended to have dialysis when their creatinine level is 4.3-4.5 mg/dl. For your condition, your doctor may have asked you to start dialysis.

How to lower high creatinine level 5 without dialysis?

You should limit your meat intake and reduce strenuous exercises, which will reduce the produce of creatinine in body.

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