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Innovative TCM Therapy Relieve Eyelid Edema in Diabetes

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-12-10 14:15

Innovative TCM Therapy Relieve Eyelid Edema in Diabetes Hi, Doctor. When I wake up in the morning my face specially area below Eyes are slightly swollen. I have diabetes for more than 6 years and my disease condition is getting worse and worse. What should I do to relieve my kidney damage? Is there any treatments that can be used to treat my eyelid edema?

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Eyelid edema is a common symptom in daily life, which may be caused by unhealthy living habits or too much water before sleep. This condition will disappear soon. If not, the problem is worse. More and more diabetes patients are diagnosed with kidney disease owing to their long-term high blood sugar, that is, Diabetic Nephropathy.

Owing to the renal damage, kidneys cannot remove excess water, toxins, wastes and metabolites in blood, causing leakage of proteinuria with urine, which will also lead to edema. When patient’s disease is mild, they just may suffer from eyelid edema or facial edema. But as it worsens, patient’s edema will also be worse, like swollen feet or leg.

As a typical external application of Chinese medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy offers a better therapy for all of Diabetic Nephropathy patients. It can expand the blood vessels, degrade the extracellular matrixes and improve microcirculation, relieving the hypertension and high blood sugar. To treat the kidney lesions fundamentally is the most radical way to remove edema.

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