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The Causes of Proteinuria with Diabetic Nephropathy GFR 25

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-05-15 17:37

The Causes of Proteinuria with Diabetic Nephropathy GFR 25Proteinuria means that there are much protein in urine. It is usually due to the abnormal glomerular filtration action and the damaged renal tubular reabsorption. So why does Diabetic Nephropathy cause the protein ? Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details quickly and directly for free.

Diabetic Nephropathy is a secondary disease caused by long-term diabetes. Long-standing high blood sugar will damage the patients’ systemic multiple systems and organs. It is one of the important complications caused by the diabetes. Owing to the complicated metabolic disorders of Diabetic Nephropathy,once patients develop ESRD,the disease condition is worse than other kinds of Kidney Diseases. So a timely and effective treatments are very important in delaying or treating their disease condition.

GFR,called Glomerular Filtration Rate,is an important indicator that can reflect the patients’ kidney function. According to the advancing of renal disease,doctor divided GFR into 5 stages,Corresponding kidney disease five stages. GFR 25 signifies patients’ renal damage has worsen, closing. In this stage,there are some several dangerous and complications that may effect patients daily life or even aggravate their disease condition.

As the GFR drops,the leakage of protein will be getting worse. In clinic,,doctor may advise you to take ACEI to control your high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Indeed,ACEI is very effective for Diabetic Nephropathy patients to delay the development of renal disease. Besides,ACEI can also relieve the leakage of protein and maintain patients’ current situation.

But the key issue is that ACEI can not treat your damaged kidneys. If you’d like,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy may be more suitable for your disease condition to remedy your renal damage fundamentally.

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