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Massive Proteinuria & Diabetic Nephropathy Creatinine 7.7

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-04-21 17:08

Massive Proteinuria & Diabetic Nephropathy Creatinine 7.7Proteinuria is the typical symptoms of CKD.The reason of the proteinuria forming is related to the barrier function of glomerulus. ONLINE DOCTOR can help yo get more information quickly and directly for free.

Diabetic Nephropathy in stage 4 means that the renal damage is more serious than before.Symptoms and complications are more heavier. With severe fall in GFR,multisystem and multiple organs are affected.Creatinine 7.7 refers to that the renal function is damaged badly and the kidneys can not work efficiently.

Actually,proteinuria may occur on many patients with Diabetic Nephropathy. In early stage,there is only trace albumin symptoms in urine.While as the patients condition goes on and the renal damage is worse and worse,consistent proteinuria symptom may appear.With the fall of glomerular filtration rate,the severity of the renal disease is severer.Barrier function of glomerulus is damaged badly,which may cause the leakage of lots of proteinuria.What’s more,the leakage of lots of proteinuria is beyond the reabsorption function of kidney tubules. In this case, massive proteinuria may occur.If you want to know more about your disease,you can talk to live doctor or Email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com to get the free and professional guidance.

If you have been diagnosed with Diabetic Nephropathy and you also have the symptom of massive proteinuria,what should you do?

Dialysis has a lot of side-affects as a substitution therapy.While the kidney transplant is also difficult to find.TCM provides several methods to treat the Diabetic Nephropathy. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy uses the traditional Chinese medicine therapy and Natural Herbs,which avoid drug side effects largely. It mainly contains 4 efficacy: Make the blood vessel extend,anti-inflammatory,Anti-freezing and degradation. It can control the patients condition and relieve the symptoms fundamentally.What’s more,the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can also offer a better space for the renal repair and prolong the life-pan for patients.Besides,Immunotherapy and Blood pollution Theory both are useful to prevent the disease from deteriorating.

If you are interested in the TCM therapy,you can leave messages on below to get more information.

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