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Causes of Constipation to Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-04-01 14:56

Constipation is not a disease but the common complex symptom.It mainly contains several clinic manifestations:The frequency and volume of defecation reduce,excrement is dry and hard and defecation is arduous,etc.

Diabetic Nephropathy is a kind of secondary disease that caused by diabetes.In addition,it is one of the most common and harmful complications of diabetes. Diabetic Nephropathy is mainly caused by 3 factors:high sugar,high blood pressure and the heredity.So why constipation occurs on patients with DN and how to treat this disease?

Actually,the constipation is one of the most painful symptoms of patients with Diabetic Nephropathy. Abdominal distension,stomachache,difficulty with bowel movements and son on appear on many patients after they suffer from the DN,which are the result of nerve dysfunction caused by high sugar.The high sugar with Diabetic Nephropathy will damage the enteric nervous system and cause the disorder of intestinal motility.In this case,constipation and diarrhea may occur.While the curative effect of medication is usually not obvious on treating constipation. Dietotherapy may be more efficient than other way to treat this disease.

1.Eat more vegetables,seaweeds,Konjac food and whole grains each day,etc.

2.Drink more water.Take a cup of pale salt water since morning on an empty stomach,which is very useful to prevent constipation.

3.Eat more food rich in vitamin B1 that can protect the gastrointestinal nerve and promote the peristalsis.

4.Take proper exercise.

5.The irritative food like peppers,strong tea and curry powder is forbidden or should be use less.

6.If necessary,take some medicine to treat the constipation.

Taking above measures may help you to relieve the pain of constipation.While the different patients have different disease condition.The common ways may be not suitable to your own.If you want to know more detailed information about your disease,please contact live doctor or email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com to get free and professional guidance.

But in fact,treating the DN is the most fundamental way to remove constipation.What’s more,the dialysis may not be able to treat the Diabetic Nephropathy.TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) offers several methods to patients with this problem.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and the Immunotherapy are the efficient way to remedy the DN fundamentally.Besides,the Blood Pollution Theory also is the hope to patients to slove the problem.

Hope this is helpful.


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