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Proteinuria Indicates The Development Of Diabetic Nephropathy

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-12-10 09:44

Diabetic Nephropathy,ProteinuriaIf Proteinuria is not treated in time, Diabetic Nephropathy will continue to progress and further damage the glomeruli. Proteinuria indicates the development of diabetic nephropathy. How to relieve it? Following this article to get the answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

Glomeruli normally leach a small amount of proteins, but most of them are recycled into the blood by the renal tubules during late processing. Therefore, there are only a very small amount of proteins in the urine of healthy people. Urinary routine examination is negative, and 24-hour urinary protein quantification does not exceed 0.5g. During the continuous progress of diabetic nephropathy, proteinuria occurs because of the further damage of glomeruli and the increase of protein leakage due to various reasons.

Some proteins that could not be leaked can also leak into the renal tubules, exceeding the reabsorption capacity of the renal tubules. The emergence of proteinuria indicates that diabetic nephropathy has developed a step further than microalbuminuria, and the kidney has sounded an alarm for us.

The presence of protein positive in urine routine is only a rough judgement, whether it is a'+'or 4'+'. It is helpful for doctors to know exactly how much urinary protein leaks out and what components it contains. Therefore, we need 24-hour urinary protein quantification and more detailed examination to further understand the condition.

Urinary examination showed a significant increase in protein, indicating that renal lesions are progressing, which should be paid great attention to.

Chinese medicine has good effects on treating diabetic nephropathy, which can treat it from the root through controlling high blood sugar. So patients can have a longer and better life.

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