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What Symptoms Are Tend to Be Noticed for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-05-20 17:00

What Symptoms Are Tend to Be Noticed for Type 2 Diabetes PatientsThere are many people are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes and some complications may occur at the late stage of Type 2 Diabetes. Because of lack of knowing about its knowledge, people are difficult to find these symptoms. Now let's see these symptoms which are easy to be neglected by Type 2 Diabetes patients. If you have any question, please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR directly for free.

About 21.7% of male patients with Type 2 Diabetes will get dysuresia. So if the middle-aged and elderly get dysuresia, besides prostatauxe, Diabetes should also be taken into account; Urine sugar can make private parts itching and pruritus will become more severe if colpomycosis occurs; Diabetes can lead to the functional disturbance of gastrointestinal tract, so diarrhea and constipation appear and diarrhea is resistant to antibiotic medicines; Diabetes can lead to peripheral polyneuritis, and limbs may become numb and painful. Some people may have such a feeling of walking on cotton. There is a high morbidity of peripheral polyneuritis at the late stage; Diabetes may result in cataract and then visual loss. The progression goes fast and sometimes the acute retinopathy may occur; Diabetes can cause angiopathy and polyneuropathy, which may lead to male sexual dysfunction. Impotence is usually seen. The statistics show that about 60% of the diabetics will get impotence.

Type 2 Diabetes patients should pay more attention to these indetectable symptoms, the occurrence of these symptoms should arouse patients’ enough attention. That is because what really fearful is not Diabetes, but its complications which even can be deadly.

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