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Why Does Diabetic With Stage 4 Kidney Disease Have Cold Sweats

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-02 14:19

Why Does Diabetic With Stage 4 Kidney Disease Have Cold SweatsCold sweat isn’t uncommon for diabetic with stage 4 kidney disease. Some patients even complain they has been sweating for several days, non stop, with little rest. Is there any link between diabetic kidney disease and cold sweats? What should we do to manage this symptom?

Causes of cold sweats in diabetic with stage 4 kidney disease

No matter whether you have diabetes or not, you may have cold sweats with feelings of anxiety, fear or big stress. Besides mood changes, another common cause of cold sweat, often along with nausea and some other signs, for diabetics is low blood sugar.

To lower high blood sugar, diabetics usually need to take various hypolycemic agents. However, if patients take overdosage of hypolycemic medications, blood sugar is more likely to be lower than the normal.

The last reason may be the decline of kidney function. When kidneys can’t work properly, the build up of waste products and toxins can cause damage to many other organs, and sweat gland may be involved.

How to deal with cold sweats for diabetics with stage 4 kidney disease?

To cold sweats, medical treatments and home remedies are both important, but before taking any therapy, patients are recommended to check their blood sugar level by using a blood sugar monitor.

Medical treatments: If patients’ cold sweat is due to low blood sugar, doctors must order them to reduce the dosage of hypolycemic medications or even stop. As for improving kidney function, damaged but not necrotic kidney cells can be repaired, while it is impossible to fix necrotic kidney cells currently. Here, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy may be helpful. (To learn more about this treatment, you can email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com)

Home remedies: To manage cold sweat for diabetic kidney disease patients, these methods are also very helpful.

- Try to reduce your stress by doing moderate exercise and developing a regular lifestyle

- Avoid spicy foods and alcohol

- Arrange a healthy diet plan so as to regulate sweat gland

- Keep your skin and bed dry and clean

- Change your clothes regularly

Many other home remedies may be also helpful according to patients’ medical case. Therefore, to get personalized advice, you may need to tell the online doctor your medical condition.


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