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Do Cranberry Pills Help Prevent Kidney Failure in Diabetics

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-20 10:39

Do Cranberry Pills Help Prevent Kidney Failure in DiabeticsDo cranberry pills help prevent kidney failure in diabetics? For people with diabetes, kidney damage is one leading complication, and we call kidney disease caused by diabetes as Diabetic Nephropathy. If uncontrolled timely, it may progress to kidney failure. Can cranberry pills help prevent it?

Health benefits of cranberry pills for diabetics with kidney disease

Cranberry pills are made of cranberries, and they contain nearly all nutrition of cranberries. Also, some other supplements are also added into these pills. For diabetics, excess sugar in their blood may cause many problems. Cranberry pills can help fight against some of them.

1. Prevent and treat any inflammation and infection

Cranberry pill is rich in antioxidant like vitamin C that can help improve diabetics’ immunity, in order to soothe inflammation and infection, especially urinary tract infections and bladder infections.

2. Help detox the body

Once high blood glucose begins to attack the kidney, kidneys may fail to filter out waste products and toxins completely. Then, blood will be polluted. In this case, cranberry pills may be helpful, because it has an effect of detoxing the body of harmful substances.

3. Fight against heart disease or stroke

Besides kidney problem, heart problem is also commonly seen in diabetics, especially when they have high blood pressure. If you are at a risk, cranberry pill is worth a try.

From the above analysis, we can know cranberry pill does help control diabetic complications and slow the progress of diabetic nephropathy into kidney failure.

Does this mean all diabetics can take cranberry pills without limitation?

Certainly, the answer is not. Cranberries can be found in the form of fruit, extract, pill, capsule or juice. No matter which form you choose, you must find cranberries are sweat. This means these cranberry products are sweetened with extra sugar. For diabetics, they should restrict their sugar intake strictly, so they can’t consume this type of pill without limitation. Besides, cranberry contains a large amount of oxalate that can increase the risk of kidney stone. From this point, whether you can use cranberry pills to prevent kidney failure should depend on your illness condition. Responsible for your safety and health, you can leave a message below or send email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com. We are glad to give you some personalized advices.


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