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Can Patients with DN(Diabetic Nephropathy) Drink Alcohol?

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-28 09:15


Can patients with DN drink alcohol?Alcohol has many advantage to people,which can promote the blood circulation and digestion and absorption of the stomach and intestine.What’s more,drinking alcohol modestly also can excite the spirit,allay tiredness and promote sleep. So can Diabetic Nephropathy patients drink alcohol?

Diabetic Nephropathy,caused by diabetes,is one of the most common and harmful complications of diabetes.Many patients with DN have a problem that if whey can drink alcohol to improve their condition or just to meet their passion for alcohol?

The damage to kidneys of alcohol is worse.On on hand,the alcohol may damage the pancreas of patients body,which makes the insulin be lacking or superfluous and the blood glucose will be exorbitant or too low.In this case,acute sugar metabolic disorder,hypertonic coma and hypoglycemic coma may occur on patients with DN.On the other hand,the intake of alcohol may increase the burden of kidneys and accelerate the deterioration of renal function.What’s more,drinking alcohol will destroy the internal environment of patients and can not provide a better surroundings to renal repair.

In addition,drinking too much alcohol may cause the HLP(hyperlipidaemia)or metabolic disorders,which may also increase the liver burden.Besides,the intake of carbohydrate companying with alcohol will lead to the high blood sugar and get out of control to diabetes.

So the patients with DN had better not to drink alcohol.Keeping a healthy diet is goo for the patients to control their disease condition and relieve the complications.

What rules should the patients with DN pay attention to?

1.Improve the intake of high quality protein and care the rest or the exercise of patients in order to avoid aggravating illness.

2.Take a low-salt diet.

3.Reduce the intake of fat to avoid the HLP( hyperlipidaemia) as far as possible.

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