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Is Bulgur OK to Eat for Diabetics with Kidney Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-22 13:44

Is Bulgur OK to Eat for Diabetics with Kidney DiseaseCan diabetics with kidney disease eat bulgur wheat? If you happen to have diabetic kidney disease, or Diabetic Nephropathy, you must be recommended with a restricted diet plan. Is it OK to make bulgur appear in your dinner?

For people with diabetes and kidney disease, their diet plan should conform to some requirements, including:

- Avoid salty foods

- Eat low-sugar or sugar-free foods

- Develop a low-protein diet

- Control the intake of potassium and phosphorus

It is reported that 45g of bulgur contains protein 5.0 g, sodium 5 mg, dietary fiber 6.0 g, carbohydrate 32,0 g, some iron, potassium and vitamin B. Nearly all of these nutritions except potassium is good for people with diabetes and kidney disease. In addition to this benefit, bulgur wheat has no saturated fat, cholesterol and sugar that determines this grain is a good choice for diabetic nephropathy patients.

First, bulgur is rich in iron. People with diabetic nephropathy often have renal anemia, because of iron deficiency or lack of EPO. If you have anemia that is due to iron deficiency, you can get iron supplement from this grain.

Second, bulgur is one good source of dietary fiber. Because of restricted diet plan, people with kidney disease are often tormented by constipation. Foods high in dietary fiber are able to help ease this problem.

Third, bulgur doesn’t have sugar and is low in sodium. Many renal patients have high blood pressure and swelling that are associated with fluid and sodium retention, while high blood sugar is always diabetics’ biggest headache. From this point, bulgur is suitable for these patients.

Although we can know bulgur can give health benefits for diabetic nephropathy patients, its plant protein and potassium also requires patients to determine their intake amount. If you haven’t got the answer, you can leave your question to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com. We will reply you in 2 business days.


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