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What Are The Dietary Of Diabetic Nephropathy During Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-08-20 14:32

Diabetic Nephropathy,During Dialysis,DietaryDiabetic Nephropathy patients during dialysis dietary attention in addition to follow the principles of dietary treatment of diabetic nephropathy, the following points should be noted:

The total calorie and protein content of diet should be increased properly after dialysis because of the improvement of illness and appetite. Approximately 2 to 3.5g of protein was lost in each dialysis. After dialysis, the protein content in the diet should be 1-1.2g/kg body weight per day, 2 eggs per day, 5 OOml milk, moderate amount of fish, meat and other blood loss due to hemodialysis, diet should be supplemented with food rich in iron and vitamin C to eat low phosphorus diet, aluminum hydroxide can be added to reduce phosphorus absorption and dialysis time is large. Vitamin B and vitamin C should be given enough vitamin loss.

In summary, current studies have shown that a low protein, low cholesterol, unsaturated fatty acid diet is very important to protect renal function, especially in the early stage of diabetic nephropathy should pay attention to dietary therapy.

If kidney dysfunction occurs, the protein intake should be restricted and the limited protein sources should be high-quality protein with high biological value such as milk and eggs, and animal proteins such as fish, meat and chicken can be adjusted appropriately to increase the appetite of patients.

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