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Healthy Diet for Diabetes and Kidney Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-21 09:19

Healthy Diet for Diabetes and Kidney FailureWhat is the best and most healthy diet for diabetes and Kidney Failure? If you have both of these problems, you must be recommended to make your diet plan tailored to your needs. Since a healthy diet plan can prevent further damage, read on to find out your dietary requirement tips.

1. Follow low-sugar or sugar-free diet

Type 2 diabetes is caused by the body’s becoming resistant to insulin. In this case, extra sugar intake may easily cause the increase of blood sugar that will worsen patients’ illness condition largely. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop a diet with low sugar or even free sugar.

2. Manage the intake of protein

In kidney failure, nearly all of kidney functioning tissues have failed to work, so 0.4g/kg of high-quality protein is suggested one daily if patients haven’t begun dialysis. Otherwise, they can increase their protein intake to 1.2g/kg every day.

3. Develop a low-sodium diet

Nearly all people with diabetes and kidney failure have high blood pressure, and some of them may have swelling. A low-sodium diet can help ease both of these two problems. Generally speaking, a low-sodium diet requires 2,000 ~3,000 mg of sodium one day.

4. Choose plant oil

Animal oil mainly contains saturated fatty acid, while plant oil contains unsaturated fatty acid. Diabetics are more likely to develop atherosclerosis, so they should choose plant oil such as flaxseed oil and olive oil. Besides, these kinds of oil can also help improve patients’ immunity and protect them from infections.

5. Control the intake of potassium and phosphorus

With end stage kidney disease, extra potassium and phosphorus builds up in the body easily. It is necessary for them to develop a diet with low potassium and phosphorus. The intake of potassium is about 1,500~2,700 mg, and phosphorus is about 8,00~1,000 mg every day.

The above are only general dietary tips for people with diabetes and kidney failure. If you want to get one personalized diet plan, you can contact us directly.


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