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Causes Of Diabetic Nephropathy What Prevention Must I Do

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-08-06 14:12

Causes Of Diabetic,Diabetic Nephropathy,More and more people are in diabetic nephropathy, most of them do not know the damage of hyperglycemia, experts in Beijing tongshantang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine point out:

1. The damage of hyperglycemia to the glomeruli. There are 1 million glomeruli in the human kidney. The glomerulus is a small group of arteries, which bear the function of filtration. Because of the high blood sugar, the glomerulus is damaged, which causes the good "useful things" to leak out, while the bad and harmful "useless things" are left in the body.

2. The injury of hyperglycemia to the renal artery. Hyperglycemia not only damages the microvessels, but also damages the human blood vessels, such as coronary arteries and renal arteries. Under the long-term stimulation of hyperglycemia, the renal artery will harden and become narrow, and then lead to renal ischemia and renal function decline.

"If blood sugar is poorly controlled, type 2 diabetes mellitus tends to be associated with kidney disease 10 to 15 years later, and type 1 diabetes mellitus occurs earlier." experts said. "Because of the onset of type 2 diabetes, some patients have not known their high blood sugar for many years, and they have been combined with kidney damage when they find diabetes. Such examples are not rare."

To prevent diabetic nephropathy, we must start from the source, that is, only by controlling blood sugar can we effectively avoid renal damage. Experts in our hospital pointed out that diabetes patients must not ignore 3 indicators:

1. postprandial blood glucose must reach the standard.

2. glycated hemoglobin should be reduced to less than 6.5%, if the kidney damage has been combined to lower than 7%.

3. urine microalbumin must be regularly checked in order to find kidney damage as soon as possible.

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