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The Main Treatments For CKD Stage 5

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-06 16:34

The Main Treatments For CKD Stage 5Kidneys play an important role in normal operation of the body. They are responsible for filtering toxins and excess fluid in blood and regulate the balance of body. When people develop complete or near- complete kidney failure, kidneys lose their functions of excreting wastes and fluid in blood. Then the illness develops into CKD stage 5 which is also called end-stage renal failure.

When do patients need dialysis?

For patients in end stage renal failure, the common treatments are dialysis and kidney transplant. Some patients may have a question when they require dialysis. When wastes in blood can’t filter out by kidneys and the accumulated wastes in blood make people sick, then people need a dialysis.

Doctors often measure creatine level and blood urea nitrogen (BUN)level to decide if people need dialysis. Dialysis substitute the kidneys to perform the partial functions of kidneys.

What types of dialysis are there?

There are two common types of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.


In hemodialysis, you need a machine that substitutes the native kidneys to filter blood. Before dialysis treatment, a specialized plastic tube is placed in your arm or leg. Through the tube blood will pass out from your body and filter in the machine. Then the blood will pour into your body again from the other side of the machine. Hemodialysis treatment is usually last four hours and is about2- 3 times a week depending on your illness condition The treatments should be done in professional medical institutions.

Peritoneal dialysis.

Peritoneal dialysis uses the own body of patients and puts a plastic tube into the abdominal cavity. A special fluid is poured into the abdominal cavity and washes your intestines. By a series of solutions, wastes products and excess fluid will be removed from your body. Peritoneal dialysis is more flexible and it can be done when you work or sleep.

Above are the basics about dialysis. Your doctor will help you choose a dialysis which is suitable for you. Dialysis is use the method of cleansing blood, but it can’t repair your damaged kidney function. If you start dialysis, you need to do it regularly. Your kidney are also being damaged constantly.

There is also another way for patients in end stage renal failure which is kidney transplant. If you don’t have other deadly diseases like heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular Disease, you have a option of kidney transplant. Kidney transplant is placed a new healthy kidney substituting your failed kidney. The kidney may come from a donor dead or living. Patients who have kidney transplant need to take medicine to protect their kidney. They have to depending on the medicine later in life.

Therefore, both dialysis and kidney transplant are not the fundamental treatment for renal failure. And they will cause a series of side-effects on patients. If patients in renal failure want to improve their illness condition and protect their remainder kidney function, it’s better for them to have other treatments.

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