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Can TCM Cure Stage 5 CKD with Edema and Creatinine 13

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-12 09:19

Can TCM Cure Stage 5 CKD with Edema and Creatinine 13Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease often accompanies with edema and creatinine 13. In recent years, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been used widely to deal with Chronic Kidney Disease. Can TCM help cure Stage 5 CKD with edema and creatinine 13?

I believe no one wants to miss any chance to cure their disease, no matter which disease they have. However, searching on the internet, you must have learned that it is impossible to cure Stage 5 CKD completely, because current medicines both western medicine and Chinese medicine can do nothing for necrotic kidney cells. Here, please, don’t despair. Although Stage 5 CKD can’t be cured thoroughly, it is still possible for you to reverse your kidney disease to stage 4 or even stage 3.

From this analysis, we can know TCM just like other treatments can’t cure stage 5 kidney disease, but patients do get benefits from this therapy.

What can TCM do for patients with Stage 5 CKD, edema and creatinine 13?

Generally speaking, TCM can help deal with these problems by the following benefits.

- Expand blood vessels: In end stage kidney disease, patients’ blood vessels are usually narrowed, so less blood and oxygen can transport into kidneys. Then, ischemia and anoxia puts kidneys in a worse condition. Expanding blood vessels can alter this state largely and stimulate damaged kidney cells to recover.

- Increase urine output: Some Chinese medicines have effect of prompting damaged kidneys to produce more urine, so as to take away more waste products and extra fluid. This can help alleviate enema and lower creatinine 13 effectively.

- Improve blood circulation: With the properties of anti-inflammation and anti-coagulation, TCM can normalize blood circulation and provide a good internal environment for kidney restoration.

- Rebuild kidney filtration system: With Stage 5 CKD, kidney filtration system is damaged seriously. Some Chinese medicine can help rebuild this system but not as good as healthy kidneys.

In Summary

Since you can get so many benefits from TCM, you had better receive these medicines timely. However, you should make sure you take correct medicines all the time. If you need any help, feel free to contact us.


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