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How To Avoid CKD 5 Stage In Home Remedy

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2019-05-07 10:00

How To Avoid CKD 5 Stage In Home RemedyIn China, only 1% to 2% of the patients with existing Kidney Disease will progress rapidly due to various factors, and unfortunately develop to Renal Failure or even CKD 5 Stage. Following this article to get answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

Some easily neglected but accelerating factors of renal failure, nephropathy patients should pay attention to, such as incorrect diet, unstable medication, symptoms are not obvious, do not pay attention to review missed treatment opportunities and so on. In addition, there are three key points:

1. Adhere to holistic treatment

The occurrence of nephropathy can affect systemic metabolism and toxin levels. After kidney damage, the function of filtration, regulating water, electrolyte and acid-base balance will be reduced. In view of all-round impairment of renal function, the treatment of nephropathy must take holistic measures.

Holistic treatment includes not only treating basic diseases such as diabetic nephropathy and lupus nephritis, but also stabilizing blood sugar and inhibiting lupus activity. It also pays attention to the individual symptoms of accelerating kidney damage such as proteinuria and hypertension. In order to maintain long-term stability of nephropathy, active intervention and treatment should be carried out for complications such as hyperkalemia. 。

However, some patients in the treatment of nephropathy often pay more attention to only symptoms, and adopt "symptomatic treatment", but neglect the treatment and prevention of primary diseases and complications, leading to the treatment effect can not last long.

2. Protect Kidney

Some key indicators, such as proteinuria, hypertension, and glomerular filtration rate, are often used to measure the quality of renal function. If these indicators are abnormal, they may indicate that renal function is unstable or poor. Therefore, some patients attach great importance to the improvement of indicators, but ignore the quality of renal function.

Whether it is to reduce indicators or relieve symptoms, delaying renal function is the fundamental purpose of renal function. In addition to these key indicators, we also need to pay attention to some indicators that reflect renal function more comprehensively.

  • 1) Urine volume and urine production are directly related to renal filtration function.
  • 2) Kidney size, fibrosis of kidney cells, and atrophy of both kidneys to varying degrees.
  • 3) Nutritional indicators. Although some patients are not seriously ill, but the nutritional deficiency is serious, leading to a decline in immunity and poor prognosis.

3. Improving life and mental state is very important.

The high incidence of nephropathy is closely related to people's unhealthy life and psychological habits. Unhealthy diet, irregular work and rest, excessive stress, alcoholism and smoking will increase the risk of nephropathy. If kidney function damage continues to maintain such a state of life and psychology, the burden of kidney will undoubtedly become heavier and heavier, and the condition will only become heavier and heavier.

In addition to timely medication and regular review of treatment, nephropathy patients should also pay attention to the protection of the kidney in daily life, and put the treatment of nephropathy in peacetime, not only when facing doctors.

Nephropathy treatment is not only medication, examination, and many chronic diseases, patients in normal life, work at the same time to complete treatment, treatment into life, strictly abide by the principles of low salt, high quality and low protein nephropathy, while slowing down the mentality, positive illness.

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