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Will Kidney Failure Develop Into CKD 5

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2019-05-01 10:04

CKD 5,Kidney FailureAfter getting Kidney Disease, the result is not only Kidney Failure and uremia. Those who can control their condition well have not been to kidney failure for a lifetime. Following this article to get more answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

If we can adhere to these three suggestions, most patients can also control the indicators to achieve clinical cure, away from the advent of uremia!

1. Understand the knowledge of nephropathy everyday and see a doctor whenever abnormality occurs.

Know more about kidney disease and other aspects of health knowledge, break the habit of staying up late, smoking, sedentary, drug abuse and other kidney injuries, when the body appears abnormal, can also be the first time to judge/exclude whether there is a problem in their own kidneys; if it is likely to be kidney disease, know what tests should be done (such as urine routine) to confirm the diagnosis. In the face of problems can be properly handled, early detection and treatment of kidney disease, the harm will be minimized.

People suffering from hypertension and diabetes for a long time should also control blood pressure and blood sugar in time to avoid kidney disease caused by prolonged course of disease. The greatest harm of kidney disease does not lie in the nephropathy itself, but in a series of complications, such as electrolyte disturbance, anemia, cardiovascular disease, etc. It is particularly important to detect nephropathy as early as possible.

2. Careful and comprehensive treatment, not excluding traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

Increased urinary protein and abnormal creatinine are the manifestations of renal function decline. Whether it is for the treatment of urinary protein or creatinine, the purpose is to protect the remaining renal function.

To achieve this goal, on the one hand, after a long period of clinical experience, it is found that western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine have their own advantages. The treatment effect of Western medicine/traditional Chinese medicine alone is not so obvious, or even if urinary protein is temporarily inhibited by hormones, it will recur after a period of time. Therefore, it is suggested that the majority of patients may try to combine the two treatments:

Western medicine such as Sartan and pril drugs (hormones can be used in serious cases) can inhibit the leakage of urinary protein; oral Chinese medicine and fumigation, bath and moxibustion can remove immune complexes, improve the microcirculation of kidney, reduce the burden and damage of kidney, awaken the remaining kidney function to work better, and lay the foundation for the recovery of kidney disease.

On the other hand, in order to protect the residual renal function, photodepressant and creatinine are not enough, and the control of hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia and other indicators can not fall.

3. Diet, exercise and life together will push uremia further

Through reasonable drug treatment, the general condition can be well controlled, but if we do not pay attention to stay up late during the course of treatment, the kidney will also be invisibly damaged, and the speed of damage is much faster than the speed of treatment, which is more likely to lead to renal failure.

There are many related knowledge such as diet and exercise, and patients also know a lot. The most important thing is self-discipline and persistence, in order to achieve more satisfactory results.

Three suggestions to persist in doing a good job, you will find that the outcome of kidney disease is really not only renal failure!

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