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6 Effective Tips Help Prevent CKD Stage 5

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-07-28 10:49

CKD Stage 5,Prevent CKDCore Tips: in recent years, more and more people are in CKD Stage 5, it deprives of lots of patients lives. How to prevent? Here we will share 6 effective tips.

1. Hypertension patients need to take medicine in regularly, to control the blood pressure strictly.

2. No matter what kidney disease you are, do not delay the illness conditions, all the kidney disease continue to develop into CKD stage 5.

3. It is about 25% diabetes will develop into CKD stage 5, it is very important to control blood sugar, and you also need to do test on renal functions, microalbuminuria in urine, to monitor the disease at any time. So you also need to take treatments as soon as possible.

4. Blood urine and foamy urine are needed to do tests at once.

5. Urolithiasis should be payed attention to, do trace to it in per 3-6 months.

6. Patients with congenital polycystic kidney (PKD) should ask their parents, children and siblings to the Department of kidney for supersonic examination for early detection and treatment. Because half of the offspring will have the same disease, it is best to do genetic counseling before birth, and pay attention to hypertension and urinary tract infections.

Of course, for kidney disease patients, the most effective way to prevent CKD stage 5 is chinese herbal medicines. Various of chinese herbal medicines used in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. this therapy is used externally. Patients just need to lie on two medicated bags filled with processed Chinese medicines. The osmosis machine helps the active ingredients come into kidney lesion directly. The function of Chinese medicines is to clean toxins in blood. With a clean blood environment, Chinese medicines can play its full function and they will improve renal function gradually through dilating blood vessels, improving blood circulation, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and providing nutrients.

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