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How To Carry Out Traditional Chinese Medicine In Late Uremia

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-07-26 15:52

Traditional Chinese Medicine,Late UremiaCore Tips: now many people think that uremia is equivalent to cancer and is not curable, but some experts in Chinese medicine point out that uremia can be treated, and traditional Chinese medicine has a great advantage in the treatment of uremia, not only to protect the kidney, but also to increase the resistance.

How is the end of uremia to the end? What good treatment is there? There are three main treatments in the treatment of uremia: dialysis, renal replacement and conservative treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

Because people's various physique are different, even to the end of uremia its symptoms are not the same, generally for the end of the uremia, blood creatinine, urinic nitrogen is not high, the urine volume of >400ml patients still have the value of conservative treatment, because a certain amount of urine shows the kidney has the remaining function, at this time the use of the function.

Combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is strongly recommended, which help eliminate the metabolism of the kidney through activating collaterals, dredging collaterals, removing blood stasis and restoring the damaged kidney. The effective components of the medicines can be fully played to repair the inherent cells of the damaged kidneys, strengthen the reabsorption of the glomeruli and restore the normal physiological function of the kidney. Toxins and excess wastes can be eliminated out completely, so creatinine level and BUN can be reduced.

Therefore, it is suggested that uremia patients should be found early, combined with traditional Chinese and Western medicine to make the body get timely treatment, which can get good prognosis.

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