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Enlarged Solitary Kidney: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Diet

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-15 09:35

Enlarged Solitary Kidney: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and DietSolitary kidney is one condition that people live with only on kidney or one functioning kidney, while enlarged solitary kidney refers to the remaining kidney larger than normal size. If you happen to have enlarged solitary kidney, you must want to know its causes, symptoms, treatment and diet. Today, you can get the answer here.

Causes of enlarged solitary kidney

From the above content, we have known what is enlarged solitary kidney. Generally speaking, three conditions can cause the loss of one kidney.

- Congenital defect: Some people with renal agenesis were born with a single kidney, instead of two kidneys, while some other people were born with two kidneys but only one works.

- Donate one kidney: To save kidney failure patients, some people are willing to donate one of their kidneys. After donating, he or she has solitary kidney.

- A surgery to remove one kidney: Because of cancer, injury or other diseases, some patients have to remove one diseased kidney.

For people with solitary kidney, a series of reasons can cause enlarged kidney, from Polycystic Kidney Disease to kidney cyst, tumors, urine reflux, hydronephrosis, kidney stones, etc.

Symptoms of enlarged solitary kidney

In the early stage, patients usually don’t have any symptom. However, with the progress of their illness condition, patients may find the following symptoms:

- High blood pressure or hypertension

- Decline of glomerular filtration rate (GFR)

- Foamy urine or proteinuria

- Back pain

- Enlarged abdomen

Treatment of enlarged solitary kidney

Since no other kidney can replace solitary kidney to work, patients with enlarged solitary kidney should accept treatments immediately. The kep of the treatment should be able to control complications, protect this single kidney and correct its size. From this point, patients can try methods listed below.

- Well control of symptoms or complications: If left alone, symptoms such as high blood pressure and proteinuria will cause further kidney damage easily and make patients have kidney failure earlier. To deal with these problems, different medications should be taken. For example, ACEI and ARBs are used commonly to reduce hypertension.

- Reduce the burden on kidney: We know the main function of kidney is to cleanse blood and form urine. Medicated Bath, circle therapy and Chinese medicine enema therapy, etc, all are good to filter out waste products by sweating or intestinal tract, so as to reduce the burden on kidney and protect it.

- Improve solitary kidney function: If patients’ GFR is less than 89ml/min, it means they have to improve their kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy just can repair damaged kidney cells and rebuild kidney structure, so enlarged kidney can regain normal size.

Different patients need different treatment plan. The above are just general therapy steps. (If you want to get personalized treatment plan, you can send email to kidneydoctor@hotmail.com or leave a message to online doctor.)

Diet of enlarged solitary kidney

Because we don’t know patients’ medical case in detail, here, we can only give out some basic dietary suggestions.

- Develop a low-sodium diet

- Reduce the intake of protein but take enough high-quality protein

- Drink correct amount of water

- Control the intake of potassium-containing foods and phosphorus-containing foods.


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