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What is the Procedure to Get Rid of Leg Swelling Due to CKD 5 without Kidney Transplant

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-05-14 14:52

What is the Procedure to Get Rid of Leg Swelling Due to CKD 5 without Kidney TransplantWhat is the procedure to get rid of Leg Swelling due to CKD 5 without Kidney Transplant? Swelling occurs when tiny blood vessels in the body leak fluid and the fluid deposits in the surrounding tissues. In clinic, swelling is also named as edema, is one typical symptom of CKD. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

What are the causes for CKD 5 patients have swelling?

As we all known that the healthy kidneys are able to discharge the excessive liquid out of human bodies and keep electrolyte balance. But once kidneys were damaged that he function of them will not work, then too much liquid can not discharged out of bodies will lead to swelling. Leg swelling is the most common symptom for CKD 5 patients.

Patients in this stage their kidneys were damaged extremely serious, most of them almost lose all of the kidney function. For this kind of patients that kidney transplant will be the last choice for them. While as a matter of fact, once CKD 5 patients still have some kidney function that there are still have chance to avoid kidney transplant?

How to avoid kidney transplant for CKD 5 patients still have some kidney function?

No matter what kind of disease, the treatment should be stated with the direct reasons. The mainly reason for swelling is that kidney damage lead to kidney function lost. So repairing kidney damage and restoring kidney function are the best way for them.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy is able to treat for swelling through repairing kidney damage and improving kidney function.

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