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How about the Effects of Maikangheji on CKD

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-11-20 16:10

How about the Effects of Maikangheji on CKD Chronic Kidney Disease, commonly called CKD, is a progressive loss in renal function and will also lead to many serious symptoms and complications over several months or years. In renal failure, there may be problems with increased fluid in the body (leading to swelling), increased acid levels, raised levels of potassium, decreased levels of calcium, increased levels of phosphate, and in later stages anemia. Long-term kidney problems are associated with bone health and CVD (cardiovascular disease). What are the effects of Maikangheji on Kidney Failure?

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In this case, we will apply different Chinese Medicine, doses and treating methods to help remedy your renal damage fundamentally. Besides, we are responsible to recommend you a kind of mixture, Maikangheji. It mainly includes black fungus polysaccharides, chrysanthemums, towel gourds, 16 kinds of amino acids, many kinds of active enzymes, polypeptide adenosines and other active substances, 6 kinds of vitamins and 10 kinds of trace elements etc.

In clinic, it can benefits for Qi, remove the toxins and waste in body and balance the immune system. Meanwhile, it is also good for increasing blood flow, dredging collaterals. In general, it can be used for hyperlipemia, cerebral infarction, and functional in improving numbness of limbs, chocking sensation in chest, lacking in strength, swirl.

For CKD patients, it can reduce blood fat, delay senescence and increase patients’ immune system. It can achieve the coordinated interaction between the organs and system reconstruction of new balance.

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