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Leg Pain In Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-06 16:29

Leg Pain In Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5Patients in chronic kidney disease stage 5 have very severe kidney damage. With the very severely reduced kidney function, patients have many systems’ disorder and many complications will appear in this stage. Thereby, patients will have many symptoms. Leg pain is one of the symptoms and it can affect patients’ life quality.

Leg pain can cause a lot of problems for patients in CKD stage 5. Patients may have problems in falling asleep or even walk by themselves. If they don’t have enough rest, their leg pain may be aggravated rapidly. This symptom will also affect patients’ emotion, and it’s bad for their health.

There are two mainly causes of leg pain for patients in CKD stage 5: muscle cramps and bone pain.

Muscle cramps:

Muscle cramps are often caused by the shortage of calcium or nervous problem.

We all know kidneys have functions to keep the balance of body. For patients with kidney disease, they are easy to have mineral imbalance and hyperkalemia is a common symptom for patients in kidney disease. High level of potassium can cause the shortage of calcium. On the other hand, loss of vitamin D can also cause the shortage of calcium. Impaired kidney will prevent the producing of a kind of enzyme. This enzyme can promote the synthesis of vitamin D and promote the absorption to calcium. Besides, patients may reduce the vitamin D intake due to the restriction of diet.

Patients with chronic kidney disease stage 5 often have nerve problems, and the nerves in arm and leg are more likely to have problems. The problems can also cause muscle cramps.

Bone pain:

Bone pain is another cause of leg pain, and it is a common symptom in patients with kidney disease. It is mainly caused by the shortage of calcium and the accumulation of urate.

The causes of the shortage of calcium is mentioned in the part why patients have muscle cramps. The causes in bone pain are similar with that in muscle cramps. The shortage of calcium can also cause osteoporosis. Patients is easy to have leg pain or even fracture.

Patients in CKD stage 5 may have the imbalance of acid-base, and it will cause the accumulation of urate, which can form crystals. When the crystal accumulate in patients’ joint, patients often have joint pain.

In order to relieve this symptom, patients in CKD stage 5 should treat their disease depending on the causes. First, they should have a exact test about their leg pain and get the main cause of their illness. Second, they should follow the advice of their doctor and have a treatment timely and effectively.


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