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What Kinds Of Complications Will Occur In Uremia Stage

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-07-19 14:41

Uremia Stage,ComplicationsUremia is the whole kidney tissue is basically fibrotic, so that the function of the kidney disappeared. Kidney is usually in the early period of fibrosis, therefore, in daily life, once you have the appearance of kidney diseases, patients should be highly alert, timely and effective treatment, in order to prevent the occurrence of uremia.

Uremia is actually the body's urine can not be generated through the kidneys, for example, glucose, protein, amino acids, sodium ions, potassium ions, sodium bicarbonate, acid-base imbalance. Some scholars believe that the decreased kidney function, will cause a series of complications. uremia is not a simple disease.

There are many causes of uremia. Normally, 15% of patients with hypertension will eventually turn to uremia, so pay attention to controlling their blood pressure and avoid uremia. In addition, 30% of diabetic patients will change to uremia, so remind diabetics to control their blood sugar. Some diseases of the kidney are the main causes of uremia. In addition, uremia may also be caused by urinary tract infection or urinary tract infection.

In the early stage of uremia, patients usually suffer from dizziness or headache, weakness and memory loss. As the disease continues to increase, patients will start to appear impetuous, muscle cramp hand and foot convulsions and so on. In the end, patients may appear sleepy or even unconscious, and their facial expressions are rather cold.

Uremic patients also have symptoms in the digestive system. In the early stage of the disease, the patients will not want to eat, loss of appetite, indigestion and other phenomena; when the condition is further aggravated, the patient will begin anorexia, nausea and vomiting or diarrhea.

Skin itching is a common phenomenon in uremic patients. In addition, the patient's skin will gradually become dry, desquamation and yellow brown. When exposed to the skin, there will be ecchymosis if it is lightly injured.

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