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Jujube Is Good for Your Damaged Kidneys

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-06-05 10:37

Jujube Is Good for Your Damaged KidneysJujube is the mature fruit of jujube tree and is native to Asia. Due to the high economic value of jujube,it has been introduced to the Europe and America. Maybe you are one of them who are “Jujube Lover”. Here the article is mainly aimed at the relative merits of jujubes for CKD patients. Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more information directly and quickly for free.

Chronic Kidney Disease,commonly called CKD,is a kind of relatively benign disease with a slow development. It may be caused by various reasons and will also lead to many severe symptoms and complications in the later stage. Owing to the its chronicity and complexity,patients often overlook some subtle signs,conniving the development of the renal damage.

For patients with CKD,timely,effective treatments play a very important role in controlling and relieving their disease condition. Besides,a healthy diet is also beneficial for their condition. Good and proper diet can help them relieve some symptoms and complications to some extent.

Jujubes tastes sweet and is rich in vitamin,minerals,etc,which is good for patients’ health. Jujubes are widely used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It can nourish the spleen, tonify Qi and calm the nerves and so on.

For patients with CKD,jujubes can improve their health and promote the renal recovery. So proper intake of jujubes is beneficial for them to improve physical fitness. But there are some problems that need to notice. Jujubes contains high level of potassium. That is to say,if CKD patients are diagnosed with hyperkalemia or have developed ESRD (End Stage Renal disease),jujubes are not suitable for them.

So asking your doctor about your disease condition to make a right choice. Moreover,leave a message on below or Email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com with your detailed disease condition,we are glad to offer more professional guidance for you as soon as possible for free.

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