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CKD Stage 5 Patients Should Keep A Planned Diet

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-06 16:28

CKD Stage 5 Patients Should Keep A Planned DietCKD stage 5 is the advanced stage of chronic kidney disease. Kidney function is decreased very severely and the glomerular filtration rate is less than 15ml/min. In this stage, you need to have treatments like dialysis or kidney transplant. You also need to plan for your daily diet with your doctor.

The planned diet is also called as a renal failure diet. A renal failure diet can help to reduce the wastes in your body and decrease the burden of your kidney. This may also help delay complete renal failure.

What kind of diet should CKD stage 5 patients keep?

You should limit the amount of protein intake. Eating too much protein will increase your kidney burden and damage your kidney function. But protein is a necessary nutrient for people. If people lack of protein, the immunity of people will decrease and people is easier to get sick. So you’d better take some high quality protein foods. High quality protein foods include meat, egg whites, poultry, fish and dairy. Your caregiver will tell you how much protein intake each day which depends on your dialysis or not.

You will have to limit sodium intake. If you have symptoms of high blood pressure or edema, you need to limit your sodium intake everyday. Too much sodium accumulated in your body will aggravate renal failure. You’d better not eat these foods such as table salt, canned food, soups, salted snacks and processed meats.

You may need to limit potassium intake. If your potassium blood levels are too high, you’d better limit your potassium intake. Potassium is an important nutrient in body, and it is essential for the normal functioning of muscle, heart and nerves. But too much potassium in blood will cause Hyperkalemia which is harmful for your heart and respiratory muscle functions. Hyperkalemia patients had better not eat high potassium foods, such as bananas, avocados, legumes, honeydew, nuts, potatoes, seeds, yogurt and tomato products.

You may need to limit the amount of phosphorus. Because of your renal failure, your impaired kidney function can’t get rid of extra phosphorus. Too much phosphorus gather in your blood may cause bone disease. You’d better get away from the high phosphorus foods like dairy products, beans, peas, nuts and whole grains.

You may need to limit daily liquid intake. Your kidney can’t excrete extra liquid because of your renal failure. So you need to limit your daily liquid intake. Too much liquid stay in your body will cause edema in your lungs. This may cause a series of other health problems, such as shortness of breath. So you’d better drink little water everyday, and limit the intake of foods that contain too much liquid.

Patients in renal failure may have different symptoms. Before you plan for a diet, you’d better follow the advice of your doctor. Your doctor know exactly of your illness condition, they can give you a reasonable diet plan for you. You should keep with your planned diet and have medical treatment. It will helpful for your renal failure.



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